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photo sexy mother manohara

photo sexy mother manohara

Foto seksi Manohara dan ibunya (Foto: ist)
Foto seksi Manohara dan ibunya (Foto: ist)

JAKARTA - Manohara and her mother, Daisy Fajarina, re-tripping exciting photos on the internet. When confirmed, the mother of Manohara not deny or justify.

"I myself have not seen her picture. But what I hear from people who tell me, hers breasts look," she said when talking with Legal by telephone on Friday (06/17/2011).

As is known, images suspected Mano and his mother Daisy Fajarina allegedly being clubbing, circulating in cyberspace forum.

Mother and daughter posing while flanked by two men. Mano resemble women's underwear and she looks very sexy.

Supergirl soap opera actress was wearing a gold-colored jumpsuit. Daisy is not less sexy wearing a gold dress who also slit lower chest.

Women like her are usually polite to wear protective clothing and often wore a headscarf, appeared surprised at the photo. Slit dress worn low chest makes clear her breasts exposed. He was seen smiling at the camera sumringah. (Rik)

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